Deepak Madavi

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We represent a Good Leadership with intellectual potential


I will progress Rural area overall of Arvi Tehsil. Last many years Arvi Tehsil has been ignored in large scale. I make sure that all Tribals will get there rights. Provide jobs to those Trible people. I will sort out Agriculture problems.

Socialist & Leader

People know him a Socialist and a good leader. As he were truely are. He have a good quality for leadership and many people know it very well. His leadership will definitely bring all together.

Speaker & Member

He is the professional Speaker and member of the company. He thoughts are very True and Impactive. People come from very far away for he Speaches and for too see a true Politician.

Welfare & Helper

He is the Welfare and helper nature and he turns that habbit into profession by creating organizations. He is the strong face of organization people found him working hard of it.

We all do join him to make a world join together

Many people join there hand to push him forward and make him strong.